How do the backups work?

  • Hi, I can see that I can make a backup for my server (Narnia) and that it saves a file.

    Then the next backup renames to and makes a new file.

    Then I see that the next backup renames to, renames to and then makes a new file.

    So… How many backup files will be made? Is it limited to just 3?
    I have a scheduled command to make a backup so am wanting to know how often I need to download the backups in order to do some rollbacks?

    Thank you.

  • @SepticSid If you are referring to the “Backups” tab in your multicraft panel, it only backs up your server’s default worlds.
    The backup file name will be the same name as your default world name…
    I think you can make unlimited Backups file:/
    I’m sorry but I did not understand your question a hahahah 😂
    It is that?

    Sorry for my bad english I am from Brazil ^~^

    Good night Hugs ♥

  • Hello Ricardo, the questions is basically - how many backups does it make?

    At the most I am only seeing 3 backups. so I’m guessing on the 4th day the backup from 4 days ago gets deleted.

    It would be nice for someone from ggservers to confirm how their backup system works.

  • @SepticSid Yes. I think.
    There are other types of complete backup

  • In case anyone else wants to know this - here is what I have found out:

    You can manually or automatically perform a backup from within the multicraft panel.
    However - be aware that this only backs up your worlds folders and contents (overwold, Nether, end) and not plugins or any other root files.

    You can set an automatic backup in the multicraft panel Advanced\Scheduled Tasks, add a new task, make it a daily backup if you are a busy server.

    This will create upto 3 backup files of your worlds, once the 3rd file is there it will start to overwrite the oldest when it makes the 4th (and so on).

    The first backup is called (where “world” is replaced by the name of your server)
    On the second backup is is renamed to then a new is made.
    On the third backup is renamed, is renamed to, a new is made.

    So is always the most current backup.
    When making a manual backup you have no choice of the filename so it will always be so ensure that you have used FTP to copy any previous ones if you want to keep them.

    So if you want to maintain/keep daily (or weekly) backups then you need to download them using FTP on a regular basis (every third day). This can be automated using:

    If you are actively changing your permissions etc. on a regular basis then I’d suggest backup up the whole server folder including the plugins - this can get quite large. My server is in its infancy and is already at 18gb so be aware that it can take some time and affect your allowed bandwidth from your ISP.

    I have not yet investigated how to deal with the limited naming convention yet, that’s on my list to do once I get a fileserver setup for this.

    To restore your backups either use FTP to overwrite the files (shutting down the server when doing so is best) or use the backup\restore function in the files\backup section of the multicraft panel. Select your latest file (or one of your choosing).
    Remember, this is the map\region files and not any plugin configurations.

    Having accidentally deleted my entire server once already I am glad I have other admins that can also take backups. :)

    P.S. if this was helpful please give me some reputation points, having to wait between posts is a right pain in the a*s.

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