GGServers Hosting Account and Multicraft Control Panel Account not linked?

  • Hey guys, my company started using GGServers this month for our Summer Camp, and it’s been going really well so far!

    However, recently I’ve tried to access the Multicraft Control panel for our server. It wouldn’t let me log in with my GGServers account credentials, so I hit “Register” and registered with the same credentials I use for the GGServers account. When I finally logged in, I noticed that my server wasn’t there! I went back to the Hosting account and tried to access Multicraft through there again, but again, nothing!

    How do I go about linking my GGServers account to where I can access it through Multicraft?

    Thank you guys for your time.

  • @CNSHV
    Hello CNSHV!
    Your credentials in multicraft panel is not The same in ggservers client area.
    After purchasing, ggservers normally send you a email with the panel credencial for multicraft panel.
    If not, just change your multicraft password panel.
    ➡ Login in your ggservers client area
    ➡ Go to "Services"
    ➡ Select your current server.
    ➡ Manage

    alt text

    ➡ Change the password (put what is better for you ^~^)
    ➡ And type in “Go To Multicraft”

    Inside your Multicraft login panel, put your nickname (used before The purchase), and your New password.

    alt text

    Hope I help you! ♥
    If you want more help, just PM me! ❣️ ^~^

    And sorry for any English errors.

    -> Ricardo

  • Wow! Thanks so much for the help! Got everything working now. Thanks so much! @Ricardo-Borsato

  • No problem! We are here to help!

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