Server status links do not work?

  • The links from the user control panels etc. to “server status” do not work.

    we just get:
    This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

    As I have seen this mentioned before on here - will anyone from ggservers actually be responding to this issue and enabling a server status page?

  • @SepticSid
    Hey Septic!
    GGServers status page is under maintenance, if you want to check a status of a panel, just open the panel…
    https://mc(number of panel)

    For exemple. "I want to check status of panel 7"
    So I just need enter in the site

    ^~^ 👍🏻

  • Hey Ricardo, thank you for the reply.
    Do you know how long it is going to be under maintenance for?

    How do I know the number of the server?
    Also that link does not show the status of the server, just a multicraft login.


  • @SepticSid
    No problem!
    If you want to know your panel just login into your ggservers client area
    Go to Services,
    Select you server
    And type "Go To Multicraft"
    And you need see The site.

    If the page does not load, the panel is offline.
    If you enter the dashboard/site (ex: and it loads the login page, it means the panel is online.


  • Just to keep this up to date…

    Since then, there was some from of outage, but then things have got better so I assume something got upgraded.

    However, the server status page is still not working.
    Will anyone from GGservers actually say anything about it?


  • @SepticSid I also wanted to know … I sent a ticket to the support and they had told me that.
    So Yes! I would also like to see the status page back to online! :/ Although we do not need it, it is essential for all hosts.
    In my opinion

  • @Ricardo-Borsato
    Not only is it essential - but there being links to it and it not actually working for a long time with NO explanations from GGservers themselves makes them look very bad, IMO its quite a technically poor forum and support system here which amongst other things is making me want to look for another host. I suspect that others may feel the same.
    Pity, the price was right.

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