Changing forum colours?

  • OK, who the heck thought that a dark grey background with light grey text would be a good idea?
    Can this be changed per user? I am unable to read it clearly.

    A bbcode forum generally has the ability to change the theme used so users with eyesight problems can read them easily - does this one?

    HEck I cannot even read the above!

  • I agree…still nothing on this???

  • Workaround for Color Scheme:

    If you have chrome, install Stylish and then use this stylish color fixer I slapped together tonight. If you prefer to use some other CSS overriding mechanism the following solves like 90% of the problem:

    body, .breadcrumb, .navbar, .preview, .btn-toolbar {
       background-color: white;   

    However: for the sake of new users the color scheme needs a permanent solution.

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