Server won't start

  • I paid for a Direwolf20 server, I used both “Default” and the Direwolf20 setup, but with both, the server won’t start. It just says “Setup failed!” on the console just after the “Loading config”.

    (By the way, how can I know which version of the game the server is using? I found the info nowhere.)

  • @Mercure250 You want to create a default, spigot/bukkit or modded server?
    If you think is better, you can add me on discord, we can talk more fast.


  • Well, modded…I said I paid for a Direwolf20 server (which is a Feed the Beast pack)

    I need your tag to add you on Discord.

  • @Mercure250 it is Rafric#2370

  • Apparently, you automatically block friend requests. So either you deactivate that or you add me yourself. Mercure250#8577

  • @Mercure250 ok soory I will

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