Thinking of starting a server, but I have a few questions first.

  • #1: The hardware specifications for RAM shows a difference between shared and dedicated, specifically how does this affect the user experience(lag, etc)?
    #2: How badly does the server suffer if I push past the recommend amount of players?
    #3: I see a lot of threads saying the server has a delayed start, is this a guarantee or simply a fluke? If, it does happen for how long?

  • @ProCabbage

    #1 ->

    Our most common deployment consists of:
    - 2xE5-2620v2 or E5-1650v2 CPUs
    - 2x 480 GB SSD in RAID 1
    - 128 GB ECC DDR3 RAM
    - 1 Gbps uplink


  • @ProCabbage
    #2 -> It depends a lot on quantity. If it’s really too tall.
    I had a 1gb server and played with 20 ~ 30 players without any lag.
    Of course you can not overuse plugins

  • @ProCabbage

    I read threads saying bad of ggservers,
    but they are old posts.

    And I think ggservers has improved.
    I have 4 servers in ggservers, in mode bungeecord to almost 2 years.
    And they hardly disappoint me.
    All that counts is patience in ticket responses and community support.
    Well ggservers has a humble and small team.
    And I recommend it.

    If you have any other question you can open a ticket in

    And here you can question here too ^~^

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