Can't connect to multicraft

  • I just created a server, and I wanted to know the IP and the version, so I figured I’d have to go check in the Multicraft thing, and I can’t connect to it; they say the password is invalid. I first thought I just got it wrong, but I didn’t. I logged out of the site and logged back in, I saw that my password was indeed correct, but I still can’t log in on Multricraft. I thought I might have to create a different account for that, so I went to do that, but they say my username is already taken, which means I do have an account there. Is it a different password somehow? If yes, how am I supposed to get it? Is it just a bug?

  • @Mercure250 the password in multicraft panel, It is different of ggservers site Client area password.
    To set your custom password Just follow steps

    ° ➡ Login in your Client area
    ° ➡ Go To "Services"
    ° ➡ Select your current server
    ° ➡ Select “Manage”

    alt text

    And under this option will show 2 boxs

    You can change your password there. {*}

    And after this. Just type “Go To Multicraft”

    alt text

    -> In “Login” you need to put your Nick (The same nickname that you put before purchase)

    And your New password {*}…

    alt text

    Now there is your server panel.

    If you have problems with the panel you can request a change by sending a ticket. (you will need to change the password again to the new panel (only if you request a panel change))

    Anything I’m willing to try to help!
    I am not a member of the ggservers team, but I have a server here for quite some time. So I already have a little knowledge heehe.

    Hope I help you! ^~^

    And sorry for my bad inglesh ahahah 🤣 😝

  • Ah, so that’s what that “Change password” thing is about! Didn’t understand that. Thanks!

  • @Mercure250
    Nop! ❣️

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