Limitations on Dynmap Template Resolution?

  • The specification of excessive resource usage is ambiguous. Would rendering a world map, with a radius of 5000 blocks, using the “deftemplatesuffix: hires” template (on my non-premium 4GB server) cause performance issues for others?

  • @Julius what is your dynamic map version?

  • @Ricardo-Borsato It is Dynmap v2.5, using Dokulight texture and default shading. Also, are there any restrictions on the port #? I am using :2556.

  • I should state that the RAM usage never exceeded ~50%; CPU usage never exceeded ~15%, so I am assuming that this has not nor will not affect other users on the same server I am on. Also, I just purchased a MySQL database, which should slightly lessen the resource burden (or am i wrong?). I’m planning on upgrading to the 6GB plan nevertheless.

  • Dynmap takes up MASSIVE amounts of server side resources, when I started using servers on GGservers they informed me they do not allow Dynmap and I am not sure if that has ever changed. You should file a ticket and ask them what they say about it.

  • Mod

    Rendering a 5000 block map will cause performance issues no matter what. As long as you don’t have many plugins running at the time then your server should be able to load it up just fine though.

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