Server outage?

  • So i signed up for a minecraft server yesterday, redstone plan. And at first, all was working fine, hosted in EU consider we were all european and the ping was clear.

    We all go to bed, in the morning (today, around 12 hours ago) I go to log into the multicraft console… timed out.

    I go to log in to the server… inactive.

    I go the status page to see if there’s anything known to be wrong. that’s down too. I made a ticket much earlier today, and on any other scenario, a wait this long wouldn’t be remiss, but as of currently I am actively paying for a service I am not receiving. Despite the sales page touting ‘24/7 support’

    Is anyone else on mc67 having a similar issue?

  • My server is down and I cant go into the “server interface”. I believe the servers are down because when I go into server status i don’t connect and get an error on chrome.

  • @The_Venix Your panel is down? Or is a problem in your Logs?

  • @Ricardo-Borsato The whole panel is down, multicraft wont load at all it keeps timing out

  • @The_Venix so your panel is down :(
    Send a ticket and ask to Chenge to a better panel.
    Or wait your panel come back…
    Were it is located?

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