Trouble logging into ggservers and multicraft.

  • I like the service and options I get form ggservers and would like to continue using them but I can’t log into my profile on both ggservers or multicraft. I’ve actually been trying for days and and sent 2 tickets one was sent yesterday and the other a couple days ago. I understand they only have so many people to answer and help out their customers but I was wondering if there is something I could do to help solve the problem. I haven’t even gotten an email for password resets. I would like a response soon because I think my trial time ran out and I have the server with 3 other friends that want to play as well. And no this is not the user or email I used for the trial. I has to make a 2nd account to post something on the forums because I couldn’t log in.

  • @Frenchie You cant login into multicraft or in your client area?

  • No I can’t log in to either of them. I used to be able one day and then not the next, and then the next day I could. The last time I was able to log into either one was Thursday night and since then I have not had access to anything.

  • @Frenchie did you purchase some package?

  • No I never got to. That’s why I was trying to log back in so I could get a package.

  • Mod

    Make a ticket and request for a panel change.

  • @MCXBPE what will that do?

  • @Frenchie You will be in other panel, better, for Exemple. Your current Pan Could be down

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