Memory problem (Can't even start server)

  • So i just bought this 512mb server 2 hours ago and everytime i want to start it it says
    "Failed to write to PID file: [Errno 28] No space left on device"
    I followed everything just like it says. I tried downloading FTB servers, spigot, craftbukkit and vanilla but nothing. So i went to files->setup to get a new template and when i access FTP servers through browser or FileZilla i can only find 2 files: eula.txt and both of which are empty and 0B in size. Also when i try to upload any file it gives me error and i see that file on server but also 0B in size. I can’t create folders, i can’t edit files, i can’t do anything. Am i retarded or is it a problem with a host?
    EDIT: Oh and yes, i did start server after i picked a new template. I did everything just like it says here

  • @LeonardoM011 Can be a problem in your current panel

  • @Ricardo-Borsato How do i fix it?

  • @LeonardoM011 Send a ticket in your client area explaining the problem and requesting a new panel.
    When a ticket is answered you will be notified in your email, and they will move you to a new panel :)

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