Unable to Start my Server

  • So last night, I turned off the server cause I was having some minor lagging issues, so I figured shutting it off for a bit would help. Well I shut it off for about a total of 18 hours until I came on and tried to turn it on. When I go to turn it on, I see in the console it says
    "Couldn’t get log: Can’t connect to daemon (111: Connection refused)"
    and so I can’t start the server, nor do anything with it. Any idea how to fix this? Or is it an error on GGServer’s side? I really don’t know.

    Also, the server is modded, if that means anything special.

  • @DallasMcPhee Submit a support ticket explaining the situation and requesting for a panel change

  • @DallasMcPhee See your “Advanced Settings” in your panel.

    See 'Look for JARs in’
    I recomend you put on “Server Jar Directory”

    And try to Stop you server, Open your FTP, delete your “Logs” folder, and start it.
    If nothing works, send a ticket in your client area

  • Thank’s for the help!

  • @DallasMcPhee no problem ♥

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