Locked myself out of my account

  • Hello, I got quite the story to tell you.

    A couple weeks ago I enabled two-factor authentication and emailed myself the backup code. I used a couple back-up codes before getting locked out of my account. What happened was, I dropped my phone. There was no scratches or marks at all but the screen was completely unresponsive to any touch I make on it. My phone was pretty much unusable now. I soon realized after I broke it that I could no longer use my Google Authentication app to login to my control panel. I still had emailed myself a back-up code however, so I used that. I use a couple more back-up codes until I accidentally closed out of the window prompt for my new code. I wasn’t even thinking and I just quickly closed out of it for some reason. As soon as I clicked out of it I knew I screwed up.

    I’ve made many attempts to fix my phone and I’ve gotten really desperate to contact an admin about this. I emailed James, the owner of GGServers but I haven’t got a reply yet after almost a week. I also tried making tickets without an account but that just simply doesn’t work. I don’t get an email saying my ticket was created or anything about resetting my password when I request a password reset.

    I’m low-key losing my mind because of all this and I’m asking for some help on this situation. Any help at all would make me feel 10 times better. I have receipts of my payments for the service, I don’t think proving my identity will be a problem. So, if there is a admin/staff out there, please email me, towkiogang@outlook.com

    Thank you so much!

  • @acyis Try to get through the computer.
    And click on “forgot my password”. Try switching there, or disable double authentication using a ticket. :)

  • Mod

    Your ticket could not be getting replied to because you may not be proving to us that you are who are you. If you could provide some proof about this whole situation that should help us sort this out.

  • Yes, I understand your suspicions of me not being who I say I am. Here’s a screenshot of my transaction, hopefully this will prove things.

    If there’s anything else you need please tell me. Thank you !

  • Sorry! Tested the screenshot link and it didn’t work for some reason. I re-made the screenshot for you.

  • Hello? Still need help with this situation! Thank you!

  • @Ricardo-Borsato said in Locked myself out of my account:

    @acyis Try to get through the computer.
    And click on “forgot my password”. Try switching there, or disable double authentication using a ticket. :)

    @acyis did you try?

  • Mod

    Please show these screenshots in your ticket and that should help us confirm it’s you.

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