I can't find my server IP.

  • I bought the stone plan for 6 months for $16.20. I can’t find the server IP anywhere, and I don’t know how to control it. Please help me.

  • @Cube-Obsession Hi, as far as i’m aware, you will receive your server IP along with your multicraft panel login details in an email upon the activation of your server.

    If, after a considerable amount of time, your server status still says Pending, then you may open up a support ticket requesting for your server to be activated, only then will you be given your server IP and login information; although I may be wrong.

  • @Cube-Obsession Open Services in your client area, click in your order, and click in “Go To Multicraft”
    Go to multicraft

    In the Login area, use the nickname “minecraft” that you used at the beginning of the purchase.
    And your password, was sent to your email shortly after having paid.
    Multicraft login

    If you want to change your password, you can change it in your client area.
    Change Pass

    And Now, you have acces to your Multicraft! Console, FTP File Access, and more!
    Multicraft area

    I hope Its helps you ❤️
    Sorry for my bad inglesh ahahah 🤣

  • Mod

    Your email should’ve been saved and marked as “Important” if you’re using Gmail. Check your mail for all your information about your server including your server IP.

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