I have paid MONEY for my Server and gg servers do not give me a server

  • Swedish: jag köpte en server för 48 timmar sedan och det står bara pending och jag har inte fått servern fast mina pengar har dragits jag känner mig lurad på pengar för en server man inte får.

    i bought a server 48 hours ago and it just stands pending and i have not got the server fixed my money has been drawn i feel cheated on money for a server you do not get

  • Please i want my server so I can play minecraft with my friends becauce i´ve allready have paid for the server but you have not give me my minecraft server.

    Sincerely :MinecraftplayerThatWantHisMinecraftServer

  • @Mixx-Nation Please submit a support ticket regarding the situation, sometimes servers do not automatically activate and require manual activation from the GGServers staff. Do note that it can take up to 72 hours for a response so please do not submit anymore than one ticket.

  • @MexicoChico I bought my server with PayPal and received it at the same time.
    Did you even look at whether your multicraft panel is already available?
    Did you know what is “Multicraft”?

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