Questions Before Potential Purchase

  • I have a few questions regarding your hosting service. I am considering putting up a server for some friends and myself.

    Are the version numbers for the modpacks listed anywhere? For instance is Resonant Rise #1,2,3,4?
    How are optional mods that require server side handled?
    Are there any overhead plugins that are required and preinstalled, or anything preventing me from switching the install to something else through the FTP client?
    If this is a linux box do I have ssh access to my home directory?
    Will my DNS or IP be static with a default purchase?



  • @XKryten When I purchased the service, the plugins folder was clean, so there are no preinstalled plugins.
    You will be able to access your server through your desktop, using a program like FileZilla, all FTP login information, you will receive soon in your multicraft panel.
    The IP of your server will be unique. Example: (123.456.789.101:45845)

    If you want a IP with lyrics. Example: (, you will need to use a separate DNS service, like
    If you want a free subdomain, check out the ggservers knowledgebase here

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