Panel downage Update?

  • Hey so it has now been over 3 days since my panel (72) went down and I was wondering if someone could tell me how long these downages usually take place? I made a ticket 3 days ago and just got a “we are aware of this issue and this will be fixed as soon as possible” response, but it has been now three days and I want to know how long this takes. This is really inconvenient and irritating as if I have to switch my panel I would lose the worlds I had, as I can’t access my panel therefor making it so I can’t get a save of the worlds which I need. Thanks you if you reply with some form of aid or response.

  • @MidoriGurin_ It’s … Unfortunately I’m on this panel too (72) … I requested a change but there was still no answer = (
    Of the other times that the panel I was dropped on, it was not more than 1 day offline …
    But now I do not know what happened. Maybe a catastrophic failure.
    The difficult thing is that it is not so simple to change the panel, as the servers try to grow and get bigger and better, this way they are heavier. It will be the third day with the offline panel, I really like ggservers, and I do not intend to leave the host anytime soon. is the best host I’ve ever hired. But mistakes are happening that are making me sad. :(

  • It’s not a catastrophic failure, as far as I am aware. If you do not need your files and simply need to get moved to a new panel create a ticket, and in a few hours from now at max you should have your server.

  • @Marius ok thank you

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