Adding new mods

  • Hello, I need help with two issues related to mods.

    First of all I have a server in 1.7.10 version with a few mods. The thing is that I want to add “Immersive Engeniering” mod and I dont know if I have to add it like the other mods because that mod adds new ores. And if that mod adds new ores, those new ores will appear underneath my village or in chunks that I dont discover yet?Can someone help me with this issue?

    Secondly, Enought Item mod doesnt work…do I have to install it on the server or just on client?

  • @lonjaminecraft I think only in your client.
    Are you using Code Chikens too?

  • @Ricardo-Borsato said in Adding new mods:

    Are you using Code Chikens too?

    Yes, the mod worked for a few weeks but suddenly it dissapear

  • Have you tried both the client and the server at the same time?
    See if there’s some kind of update or something.

    I do not understand much of modded servers.
    I understand more about plugins but I see how much I can help you ahahahahahah

  • The mod will not spawn things in already generated chunks. You would need to generate a completely new world, or explore previously unexplored chunks.

    The NEI mod needs to be installed both on the server and the client in order for it to spawn items.

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