Urgent Help Needed !

  • Error getting player list: Can’t connect to daemon (111: Connection refused)

    For the Past day My server has not been able to run and when i try to Start the server i get the above error
    Any help would be appreciated,

  • @CheatCoderz said in Urgent Help Needed !:

    Error getting player list: Can’t connect to daemon (111: Connection refused)

    This usually means that there’s an issue where the multicraft panel cant get through to the server, i.e., the node or something else is down. I’ve had this happen to me twice in the time I’ve had a service with GGservers and there’s nothing to do except sit around and wait for them to fix it on their end. At least you have access to your multicraft panel. I can’t even ping mine much less access it, and its been a full business day since “they’ve been aware of the issue”. You just gotta wait

  • @toastertim Thanks for your reply !
    I guess i will just continue the waiting game

  • @CheatCoderz yeah no problem. This has happened to me multiple times over the 3+ years and sometimes it just goes down for days without anything from the social media presence or support tickets outside of “we’re working on it”. It can be kind of frustrating, but I’ve stuck with it for the sheer amount of time I’ve run a server here. But is super frustrating when you’re right in the middle of a modpack and really enjoying it or something.

  • @toastertim & @CheatCoderz i Just have the same s**t happend to me its been offline for a day Contacted Support & “They Are working on it” How hard can it be to just thier node The server they are hosting thier servers on Seems online couze i can ping it but when ever i try to start The server i get the Deamon 111: Connection Refused error.

    Hope they get in to this soon couze it kinda makes me wanne swap over host’s and ive only been here for 2 days so far…

  • Well this is happening to me too… for 2 days!
    I’ve already sended them ticket and they don’t even reply directly!
    Like “There’s nothing we can do we are trying to fix it, you need to wait” but how many days, what we have to do, why?

  • The worst part is they arent even responding to forum threads aswell i chose this seever host couze they where “reliable” and decent pricings but the support sucks massive d**k… “WE ARE WORKING ON IT” For the past couple of days and still no changes in the deamon port error

    Hope they step up thier fking work couze this is really PISSING ME OF new sins 3 days and this s**t happens for the past 2 days wel played @GGServers-Staff @Post-Moderation @Community-Moderators

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