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  • I’m trying to load a skyfactory 2 modpack, I’ve already uploaded my files with Filezilla, but now every time I try to log into my server, it sits on the connection screen for a long time, then I get this error on my console
    .08 22:37:52 [Server] Server thread/INFO Torakoun left the game
    01.08 22:37:52 [Disconnect] User Torakoun has disconnected, reason: Disconnected
    01.08 22:37:32 [Server] FML Unexpected packet during modded negotiation - assuming vanilla or keepalives :
    01.08 22:37:30 [Server] FML Attempting connection with missing mods [] at CLIENT
    01.08 22:37:30 [Server] FML Client attempting to join with 145 mods :
    01.08 22:37:30 [Server] FML Client protocol version 2
    01.08 22:37:30 [Server] User Authenticator #1/INFO UUID of player Torakoun (…)

    Any ideas? The (…) is where I cut information for space purposes.

  • Mod

    This is most likely not on our part. Ask the developers of sky factory if they know a solution and show them the error code. Also, make sure you’ve uploading the files correctly!

  • See, I’m very willing to believe I’m not loading my files correctly, as I am still quite the newbie at this. I’ve been following the steps on the link:
    but I’m having a different set of issues. What does it mean in step 7 when it says
    "NOTE For those of you new to creating your own modded server, you must also have all mods installed on your server inside of your “…/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods” folder as well to maintain compatibility. Also make sure not to download any client-only mods on your server or your server will NOT run"
    I’ve not run into this before.

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