• Anyone know what the best ggservers panel?
    I’ve been to 121 and it has fallen all the time.
    I’m in the 80’s. Fell more than 1 day and so far has not returned …
    I’ve never had problems with ggservers, and now I’m very sad.
    Because it was not for them to let any of this happen.
    I love this host and I’ve been there for almost a year. I would increase the RAM, pay dedicated, but by the way “fix soon.” I am very sad about this.
    I wonder
    What is the best panel?
    One that does not fall.
    And preferably if it does not fall more than one day

  • Mod

    We’ve been dealing with issues that have caused our progress on GGServers to drastically change and slow down. I’m sorry for the wait, I’ll see what I can do to speed it up.

  • @MCXBPE Thanks! <3

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