Server Down and can't Access Multicraft

  • I woke up today to find my server was down. A few player messaged me on discord to tell me that they had tried joining a few hours earlier and the server was down. So i know the server has been down for at least 6 hours now. I tried logging into multicraft to see if i could figure out why it’s not up. But whenever i go to multicraft google chrome gives me the error that the site cannot be reached. I’ve also tried accessing my server files through an FTP client but it is unable to connect at all. I submitted a ticket a few hours ago but based of previous experience i doubt i’m going to get a response back until Monday. I can’t wait until Monday, This is a public server so the longer it’s down the more likely i am to lose potential and current players. Please help .

  • No one has any ideas? my server has been down for at least 8 hours now so i doubt they’re having issues with their servers because they would’ve fixed it by now. I really need to get my server running again.

  • My server has been down for a week now, these things can last a while

  • Mod

    If your panel is down for too long then request a panel change in a ticket.

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