Server crashes when i start it up

  • Link to server console when the crash happens ->

  • you need to reinstall you minecraft server; it cannot find the classes for the Logging Files which minecraft needs to run.

    I’d recommend either deleting all files except the world files and reupload the server files through FTP or contact support to have them reinstall your files for you.

  • so the server file that i downloaded from the FTB Client should replace the files i have in there right now?

    And the server file i downloaded didn’t have the logging files in it , what do?

  • I have no idea but this is how I’ve been setting my servers up:

    1. download server files from curse (e.g skyfactory / ftb beyond etc.)

    2. unzip to a directory

    3. run the FTBInstall script

    4. run the server once locally and agree to the eula

    5. using ftp, delete all files on the remote server and copy over local files

    6. in the server panel set the jar location to server root and change the name of the activated jar file to the same as the server’s jar file e.g “FTBserver-1.10.2-

    7. start your server

    and that should be all you need to do.

    If you still have issues, pm me and I’ll set your server up for you if you want me to

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