Minecraft Modpack/Plugin/Bungee Support Staff

  • GGServers

    General Requirements
    Age 18+
    Must have strong customer service skills
    Ability to work in a team environment
    Consistent Daily Availability

    Skill Requirements
    Installing and troubleshooting Modpacks
    Installing and Configurations of Plugins, and Permissions Tools
    Installing BungeeCord
    Use of File Transfer Protocols software
    Preference shall be given to those with experience using:

    Job Description
    As a GGServers Modpack, Plugin, and Bungee specialist you would be responsible for working with clients to install, configure and troubleshoot the listed minecraft server technologies. As a specialist you would work directly with clients via our WHMCS Ticket system while following GGServers policies and procedures.

    To Apply:
    Please email Apply (at) ggservers.com and include a resume and summary of how you can help the company.

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