New jar file solutions in light of FTP size limits

  • Have any persons thus far managed to get an approach for changing server jar files working where the jar file being used is not one of those already on the server?

    I ask because the clients for the server being run would greatly appreciate the ability to use 1.12; unfortunately, the FTP connection in Multicraft’s dashboard does not seem to permit transfer of files greater than 8MB, and no currently known compression technique can squeeze the 1.12 jar down to that size (what with trying to iteratively compress already-compressed information and such).

    Doing perhaps far more research than necessary, it seems that Maven has support for dividing up and recombining jar files, but that doesn’t seem to be particularly helpful if Maven is not on the server’s side as well.

    Are there alternative FTP utilities people have used to migrate server jar files successfully, or other techniques that achieve the same goal? It doesn’t seem like only one person would have trouble with trying to move a new jar file onto their server.

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    You could try just simply uploading the file yourself without using one of our pre-added jar files.

  • Really happy to follow the proffered advice! Unfortunately, there are apparently constraints on the transfer of files limited to said files’ size, according to the FTP subsection of the Multicraft dashboard:

    The maximum size of one file is restricted by net2ftp to 2 MB and by PHP to 8 MB
    The maximum execution time is 30 seconds
    If the destination file already exists, it will be overwritten

    Unfortunately the raw form of 1.12’s jar is a bit more than 9MB in size, and after 8 or 9 different parameter settings for 7zip’s high density compression the size of the jar was decreased to slightly above 8MB. Attempting to upload anyway does not result in explicit error or problem reports, but the file does not appear on the server side either.

    Is there some alternate smaller form of the jar files more often used for FTP purposes, or for constructing smaller equivalent files?

  • Ah. So, to any other poor fools whose predilection for command-line tools may end up being their death: FileZilla is a great tool. Don’t forget about it.

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