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    Welcome to ZION Minecraft, where you can live out your Minecraft life in a very unique way unlike most servers you see today. This server has many of the favorable gamemodes and plugins like, SURVIVAL, PVP, CREATIVE, PVE, FACTIONS, IECONOMY, MCMMO, MULTIVERSE, and many, many more!

    I am very happy to announce the opening of our new Minecraft server “ZION”, although it is very early in development it is open to all players!

    As said before the server is still in the making including our enjin website, artwork, Planet Minecraft pages, and more. Please do not take anything you see as a final draft.

    On behalf of the Zion staff I welcome everyone to come visit and help us make the server great again!

    Enjin website: http://zionmc.enjin.com/

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