France Server Down?

  • My server is currently down and when I went to go into the multicraft page to restart the server I get the message “ took too long to respond” meaning my I can restart my server. It has been like this for 3 days now. Am I the only one with this issue. Its not down to my internet as I have tried to access it in multiple wifi locations as well as plugged in.

  • I’m also on mc38 and I’m having the exact same thing, so it’s not just you. I’ve already sent a ticket and got a response that they acknowledged the problem. As much as I’d love to place some block down right now, it seems we just have to wait. It’s unfortunate, especially that for me it is a second time this month, but things like that happen from time to time.

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    Make sure to make a ticket about this issue.

  • @dychab do you how long this usually takes? As in how long did it take for you previously?

  • @EvanM28 The previous downtime was actually officially announced on ggservers’ twitter and it had a date. But it took a few days then. I have no idea what is happening now exactly, since no one announced anything.

  • Do they ever give any information about what is happening with the server. As it has been 6 days now and all I am getting is no update, no update, no update. I sorry but if there is no update after 6 days what the hell are they at. Like I can understand it not being up and running but just some feedback would be helpful.

  • I think the gods have abandoned us.

  • It’s ridiculous, don’t charge people for a service you can’t properly provide.

  • @EvanM28 Hey. I got in touch with the support again and here is what is going on: “An issue stemming from our upstream providers is currently preventing us from getting this properly fixed. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we have to wait on their reply in order to go through with the reparations.” I understand that there is nothing they can do about it. It’s just a bummer they kept us in the dark all this time. I guess if you want a new service, you could try sending a ticket, but that would mean loosing all files.

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