Forge (1.7.10) won't work. Keeps crashing.

  • I would select the Forge (1.7.10) preset file from the different jar files available to pick, set up the “setup” section to set up as a “Forge” template (and I would delete all server files.) Whenever I hit start and go to the console, though, it says the server has crashed; it just reboots itself and crashes again. I followed the instructions of this article and downloaded the Forge 1.7.10 and did everything twice, and it still didn’t work. Any way to help fix this problem?

  • It would be helpful if we had some type of output for the crash. If not I would suggest ensuring that the server is off completely, and then you delete all of the files. After you have deleted the files then you should continue with the steps in that article.

  • Mod

    What does it say when it crashes? Also make sure you have enough RAM.

  • EULA?

    …that’s what I’d check first.

    Then error logs.

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