How to Upload a World on your Minecraft Server - Tutorial

  • Hello guys, I just uploaded my first video. How to Upload a World on your Minecraft Server.
    I’ll make more tutorials for Plugins and etc…
    Don’t blame me please this is my first video , trying my best.
    I Hope you like it!

    Video Link:

  • Good Tutorial.

    A few pointers. Trying to help you improve.

    Try to speak a little more clearly. and maybe use pointer effects as in zoom in a bit on the parts you gotta highlight for the specific tasks you are trying to show to people. even though this isn’t really needed it will help in the process for the few people that have a hard time seeing things you are doing on the screen.

    Good job though. keep it going!

  • @FabianH Thank’s you dude . Your Feedback is Highly Appreciate!

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