Can't connect to daemon (111: Connection Refused)

  • (Please note that I have already opened a ticket AND received an answer.)
    Since Friday night (GMT +01:00, Amsterdam Time) my server went down. I have no clue how. I opened a ticket and soon they responded with the info that they already where aware of this issue and that they are working on it. But, still, it’s almost 5 days later and the server is still offline. In the ticket I asked them if they could give some more clarity about the problem and what it was, tho that question wasn’t really answered in my perspective. I’m on panel 77, France. I want to know if more people are having this issue and if the staff can respond and tell us what the problem actually is, and maybe even a date on when it’s finished, that would be really nice.

    Thanks for reading,

    Please note:
    I love GGServers, because of their price and incredible service. I have had problems like this more than once whilst using GGServers, and when it’s fixed I really hope it won’t happen again!

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    I don’t know any more information then what you do, and I can guarantee the forums members won’t either. You can try making a ticket about a panel change to see if that will help.

  • The problem with a panel change is that when the panel would be changed, the server files would get deleted. And, thanks to the crash, I can’t acces my FTP server. I don’t want my files to get deleted, so that wouldn’t be an option sadly.

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