Server Issues?

  • Hi,

    i can’t log into Multicraft and i also can’t view the server status. I also opened what i guess is the 2000th support ticket because of it. I guess Ggservers is experiencing some issues at the moment, which is fine with me when i look at the price you charge. But could you please be communicate any issues to the community so we know what`s going on? For some people this is really frustrating since some servers are down for WEEKS. And you still accept new players.

    Thank you!

  • Mod

    Most of the staff know just as much as you do, including me. That’s the main reason why you don’t know a whole lot about the situation as of right now.

  • I don’t want to dive to deep into your corporate structure but i guess you guys are in some trouble if this is the case. I would be fine if i could just get a fresh copy of my world until you figure this stuff out. I just hope this is only a technical issue because i’m not willing to pay another month without getting anything back.

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