Transfering server to new pannel

  • Ok so recently, the team told me that they didn’t have enough memory to run my server, so they are going to have to reset it and transfer it, I have already submitted a ticket, and they still haven’t answered me, I’m getting very impatient now, as this is unexceptable

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    As the community support from this thread there isn’t much we can do as a community this is something you would have to contact the staff members for as the community has no control over tickets.

  • Do remember they work in order of tickets received, if you reply to your own ticket, you will be put back at the end of the ticket queue, so don’t reply to your own ticket unless you’ve received a answer from them.

    Just hold on, they will get to your ticket as soon as possible. don’t forget its a company so there is ALOT of people requesting help.

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