GoldRush Payment

  • Grettings i’m from the Gold Rush Affiliate Program.

    I write this message because i already reached the requirement of $25 in the GoldRush program a month ago, but i have not received any payment.

    I was wondering when the payment would be made.

    I await your response, in advance thank you.

  • Mod

    Try making a ticket about your issue. From what I know it should be automatic, but maybe something went wrong and that’s why you haven’t received your payment.

  • Yes, i currently have 4 tickets open a month ago, but there is no response.


  • Mod

    Did you open the 4 tickets at once? Because we usually can only respond to your ticket when there is only one open at a time.

  • No, I have 4 open tickets in the span of almost two months.

    After waiting more than one week for ticket. Clearly~

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