Incompatible FML Modded Server Error

  • Hi all,

    I’m wondering if anyone might be able to help me out. I’ve just rented a server and have it set to run FTB Infinity on the multicraft panel. I’ve been playing the latest release of FTB Infinity Evolved and wanted the server to be the same, but on the multiplayer screen it shows up as “Incompatible FML Modded Server.”

    I’m guessing the server isn’t running the same version or something, but I can’t figure out what the server is aside from the vague “FTB Infinity” option in the multicraft panel which could mean any version or any type of Infinity sever (Evolved, Lite etc.)

    Would anyone be able to help me out? I’ve tried installing Infinity Evolved to the server manually following the instructions in the knowledgebase but to no avail. The only way I managed to connect to the server was by downloading the mod folder from the FTP client and pasting it into my own FTB Infinity Evolved client (but I’d prefer not to do that as the friends I’m sharing the server with are completely unfamiliar with doing things like that).

    It’s my first time on the business end of a server so any help wouild be greatly appreciated!


  • Mod

    Does it not state it’s version/pack in the config and/or when you log in?

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