Server outages?

  • anyone elses server down and cant connect to Multicraft??

  • Yup panel 81 is down and not working

  • Mod

    Please make sure you’ve made a ticket about this.

  • yep 98 is down ive made a ticket and still no reply

  • @All_Blacks You’re not the only one. My literally 8 day old server is on 98 and its been offline for almost 12+ hours now… I made a ticket aswell hours ago and have still not received a reply (given the time difference il cut them some slack) but as a new customer its not exactly a good start.

  • yep mine too, been waiting for the better part of 3 days now, so far no progress on my part, can’t get on multicraft and server’s down so me and my friends are waiting as patiently as we can for the server to be fixed. and it was down the second day i had the server as well, for only 3-4 hours. so we have only played on the server for about 6 hours on one day. fun stuff XD

  • My panel always it is ok! ;) <3

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