Insufficient Memory for Java, and Auth error

  • Hey all,

    Bought my server yesterday… and have played probably total of 2 hrs on it, I have 3gb of ram and no mods installed BUT

    Console logs

    21.04 20:43:51 [Multicraft] Looks like a crash, check the server console. Return value: 1
    21.04 20:43:51 [Multicraft] Restarting crashed server in 5 seconds
    21.04 20:43:51 [Multicraft] Server shut down (starting)
    21.04 20:43:50 [Server] INFO # /hs_err_pid723.log
    21.04 20:43:50 [Server] INFO # An error report file with more information is saved as:
    21.04 20:43:50 [Server] INFO # Native memory allocation (mmap) failed to map 1073741824 bytes for committing reserved memory.
    21.04 20:43:50 [Server] INFO # There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue.
    21.04 20:43:50 [Server] INFO #
    21.04 20:43:50 [Server] INFO Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM warning: INFO: os::commit_memory(0x0000000780000000, 1073741824, 0) failed; error=‘Cannot allocate memory’ (errno=12)

    and also the server seems to crash on almost every boot.

    Gotta be honest really disappointed and probably not going to continue with this company. Any help would be appreciated, submited a ticket but who knows when there “24/7” support will get back.

  • Mod

    We usually try to have the tickets be replied in less than 3 days. Although, you must understand that our ticket system is “24/7”, but not in the way you think. Lots of people think when we say “24/7” we mean that we will reply to them literally right when they make the ticket (which is impossible without a bot and we know you don’t want a bot replying to tickets). What we actually mean is that the system will always be available to use and contact us, and it is never down and/or unavailable.

  • BRUH…

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Ricardo-Borsato Thanks buddy, really helped me with that. Also why should I stop complaining I payed for a service I’m not receiving that is a perfectly fine reason to complain. you’re stupid :)

  • @Solon2818 Sorry I was going through a bad day! A hack entered my server and I had problems here at home. I’m sorry, serious.
    I understand what happens because I’ve been through this in other hosts. Please sorry me;
    I would be able to see my server.

    I need staff

  • @Solon2818 plz sorry

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