I can't login + My server is down.

  • Hello, My server is down + i can’t login to open it again, do you guys have some problems? so i don’t have to be worried? or am i been scammed ? :)

  • @MiticoDK No haha, do not worry! Your server is fine! You have not lost anything. It just means that your panel is down … send a ticket to the support informing the number of your pannel and informing the case. ;)
    They will solve it and your server will work again! ;)

  • Mod

    Do you know what your panel number is?

  • GGServers


    Want help? Don’t put in multiple help tickets for the same issue. It clogs up our queue which makes it harder for us to do our job, meaning tickets will get solved slower.

    Also, we most likely did answer your ticket. There was no ticket left without reply on that day. If the issue still hasn’t been solved reply to the ticket for an update and I’ll look into it.

  • GGServers

    Quick tip, if you need your server up we can create a new one for you, but all files would be lost. If you’re okay with that, shoot up a ticket.

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