Plugins help

  • I am having trouble getting plugins to be installed onto my server. I have downloaded three from the bukket website and placed them into the plugins folder on the ftp part of multicraft. 0_1491874041108_Capture.PNG
    Then after I did that a new folder appeared that said "Local plugins"0_1491874111057_asdf.PNG
    And in that folder it has the plugins in it0_1491874133482_2.PNG
    However when I restarted the server the plugins do not work.
    Any help is appreciated

  • @bubbajr2000 try to stop your server, Change to spigot and Turn on

  • Mod

    Make sure the plugins don’t have any other dependent plugins to be installed. When you restart your server are they appearing red when you type “/plugins” or are they not appearing at all?

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