• My server still says pending even though I have already payed for it. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • @Michael-Waterman did you have sended a ticket?

  • yes ive sent a ticket and been waiting for 2 1/2 hours

  • @Michael-Waterman two days or two hours?

  • 2 1/2 hours

  • @Michael-Waterman Ah yes! Do not worry! Usually they resolve within 24 hours! You will receive your server! Did you choose North America in the beginning? I highly recommend it because the connection is better, and the uptime too!

  • Yes I did but it’s ridiculous that I have to wait 24 hours for something I paid for, this time shouldn’t count against my overall time of my membership…

  • @Michael-Waterman I understand…
    I received my server instantly, but usually they have to activate your server manually.
    The difficulty is also in TimeZone, and especially in the high amount of tickets they receive daily.
    Do not worry! I’ve been through this in other Hosts too and I know what it’s like … :/

  • "When you order a server from us, the server is generally activated instantly after your payment has been received. Sometimes, our system fails to see the payment you made or there is an issue with provisioning your server. When this happens, the status of your server is left in the “Pending” state."
    Nice service! :)
    jk, there is no point in even mentioning that this is does instantly when there is no automation involved, there should be no wait for a simple server activation. This is deceiving customers by advertising quick activation when in reality the process is slow and inefficient. Slow activation has obviously been an issue for others in the past, as evidenced by other posts within the ggservers forum. This customer service is ridiculous. =D

  • Mod

    This is not good that our system sometimes doesn’t send the panel information correctly, but we are trying our best to fix it. Although, we are not robots, so please be patient with your ticket. The monthly payments do not start till your server is activated as well. Please PM me if your ticket hasn’t been replied to after 72 hours.

  • It seems as though the forum posts get answered faster than the support tickets :P

  • Mod

    Well, I don’t have to do nearly as much as the ticket staff members do.

  • @MCXBPE I bet. Is there a place to apply for a job here to help with ticket support?

  • Mod

    @aikainnet You can apply to be a GGServers Staff Member here.

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