Still awaiting my server after 24 hours

  • Hey just wanted someone to let me know how much longer ill still be waiting for my server. I ordered it around 24 hours ago and it is a 3gb server. I got it with a dedicated IP and people have been telling me that the Dedicated IP servers may take a little longer. So i just wanted to see how much longer i could be waiting for.

    Dane Mayhew

  • @Flamingo Usually not too long … read this article, maybe you can help it -> Server Activation

  • I waited almost 72 hours with Dedicated ip so it depends once your server is Activated it will be there

  • Mod

    I suggest you make a ticket about this. The time it takes depends on our availability to activate it.

  • we did this and no reply yet its been over 72 hours now since we ordered the minecraft server.

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