ASkyBlock Plugin Help!

  • “no more resets are allowed for your island.”

    Soon my players on my server are experiencing this problem in the ASkyBlock plugin.
    I’m sure the problem is not happening because of the presence of another plugin, but because of probably Config, but I do not know how to solve … could anyone help me?


  • You could try /asadmin clearresetall
    I can’t find mention of a config file for this, but players can apparently start a new island rather than reset their old one?

  • @MarcAFK So you think I’d try resetting the whole plugin with islands and more?
    Really it might work!

    I’ll try! thanks for answering! ;)

  • Mod

    Like what @MarcAFK said, you could try /asadmin clearresetall. Although, remember players are limited to a certain amount of resets. You can adjust this under the config.yml.

  • From what I found that command I linked clears the reset limit. Maybe you should test it before using on the server?

  • I tried! But it did not solve the problem

  • Mod

    @Ricardo-Borsato Anything wrong in this would have to be adjusted in the config. If you can’t find it in the config, contact the developer of the plugin. He’s active and replies to problems like this.

  • @MCXBPE ok thx!

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