Assistance getting CrazyCraft world up, please

  • I’m not a Minecraft player, but I’m trying to setup a CrazyCraft server on GGServers for my 11 year old. I haven’t had any luck joining the world - a ton of mod error messages.

    Are there any guides for getting this setup & getting the clients setup correctly?

    I’ve copied the mods and config folders from the server & put those in the client, but it wasn’t enough.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide - I’d really like to get this going for my kiddo.

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    @pryaniki that’s not even relevant to his post, our guidelines require replies to be relevant, one more irrelevant post and you’re going to get a warning

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    @David-Rogers was the error in the console or when you tired joining?

  • Tried joining. I didn’t capture the error, but it looked like a list of mod exceptions.

    On the console (in the chat?) it has:

    Player Pegicorn77 disconnected (Mod rejections [FMLMod:EE3{0.3.507}, FMLMod:props{2.0.2}, FMLMod:Railcraft{}, FMLMod:OreSpawn{}, FMLMod:chisel{}, FMLMod:mcheli{0.10.6}, FMLMod:adventurebackpack{1.7.10-0.8b}, FMLMod:sus{4.1.2}, FMLMod:TardisMod{0.99}, FMLMod:surpriseeggs{1.0.6}, FMLMod:BiblioCraft{1.10.5}, FMLMod:witchery{0.24.1}, FMLMod:InventoryPets{1.1.2a}])

  • Oops - that might be errors for when I tried to do the same thing with another one of the craft series - voidcraft or something. It looked very similar.

    But… is there a guide to doing these things? How to configure your client to match up with the server type - like CrazyCraft.

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