What is happening!?!

  • Hello there. I recently paid money for the £3.00 monthly server, and after two days of waiting, I haven’t recieved any sort of information that my server is being made, or anything. The money that I paid has come out of my bank account, but on here it says it is paid, but that it is pending, with no sort of ETA on getting it up, or anything.

    As I am patient, I will wait on here for someone to reply with at least a reason that this might be happening, or some sort of behind the scenes information telling me how long I will be waiting, as I need this server up urgently.

    Also, as it is pending, I cannot claim a refund, so I am wondering what I am to do if this issue persits until my next monthly payment, and if it will actually take money out of my account?

    Thank you in advance,
    Squeezebox (James)

  • that’s weird… :/
    With me it did not happen
    Try to send a ticket

  • This is a ticket, isn’t it?

  • You need open your client area, Login into your Account and go to “open a new ticket”, and you select especifc terms (minecraft technical support, Billing, dedicated ip activation…) and send the ticket to support

  • Thank you :)

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