Simple Life Hack to get your service faster

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    Our dedicated IP availability isn’t the best at the moment, so if you want your service really fast and you got a dedicated IP order make a ticket to the Billing department and ask for your service to be activated without the dedicated IP.

    When we’ll get some more I promise I’ll post in this thread so you know when to request it.

    Plus, it’s better to insult the support staff for not getting a dedicated IP available faster rather than insulting them for not being able to offer the service.

    I’m kidding, please be civil in tickets, we’re human too crying emoji

  • Can I insult the support staff for not getting a subdomain within 2 seconds of asking for it ? I mean I don’t really want to but the policy now seems to be forcing us to insult the support staff and I don’t want to get into trouble.

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    @MarcAFK Please don’t, When we get insults we tend to have disciplinary action, I.E. We turn the ticket over to a manager, while our managers are great people, they don’t tend to like our staff getting insulted.

  • Sorry, that was a poor joke. I wouldnt dream of it.

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