Server says pending after roghly 6 hours.

  • I have sent in a ticket and no response, help?

  • payment method?

  • @Ricardo-Borsato Paypal, it has gone through already.

  • @AuroJosh said in Server says pending after roghly 6 hours.:

    @Ricardo-Borsato Paypal, it has gone through already.

    I bought by paypal, I had no problems, I received on time: /

  • @Ricardo-Borsato My server just sits at pending. I dont know what to do. I wanted to start working on it today but it’s been now 7 hours since I opened my ticket and still no response.

  • @AuroJosh Too bad :( not just think things wrong The ggservers is one of the best hosts I have ever seen … I hope you solve your problem,!.)

  • @Ricardo-Borsato Same. Im getting irritated but trying to be patient

  • Mod

    Please make a ticket about this.

  • @MCXBPE I have. It’s been 8 hours since I made it.

  • Mod

    They can take up to 72 hours to be answered. We can’t always reply to tickets within 8 hours.

  • @MCXBPE Well, thats pretty pathetic. I can understand 8 hours but up to 3 days? Im paying for a server I dont even have. Plus $3 more for a dedicated IP which will take another 3 days to get. Nothing against you, I just find it pathetic. I mean you guys do have the best prices so Im not mad about that, but a little bit better support would be nice as you guys advertise 24/7 support.

  • Mod

    @AuroJosh We advertise 24/7 support uptime; Meaning the ticket system will usually never be down and is always available. We are actually decently fast, comparing to some server host. Lots of other hosting companies can take up to a week (not going to name any names). Just because we say 72 hours, doesn’t mean that’s how long it’s going to take, that just means that’s the max time. Lastly, just because your ticket wasn’t replied to, doesn’t we aren’t working on it. Please be patient and respond again once it’s been 72 hours and not resolved.

  • @MCXBPE I plan to be patient. I was just saying.

  • @MCXBPE Can they take up to 6 days? because that’s currently what I’m at for waiting for my server. - On top of that I put a ticket in on the 15th and it also does not have a reply still.

  • Open your contract … are you ABSOLUTE FOREVER to be “paid”?

  • @paradoxgods Well of course, because they lie. Im still waiting so. I’ve never seen worse support. Up to 72 hours, I can people sit here and say it’s been weeks. The dude above said they’re pretty fast, I don’t find a day and a half fast even if other hosting websites wait a week. Im not sure if they know what fast means. Im still being patient thought but Im sorry that yours is taking that long. If mine takes that long, I will never buy a server from this host again. I rather pay more for a server at a different website who is actually going to help me and reply to me and be honest about it.

  • Also they could open up their twitter again that they haven’t touched since last Halloween and do support there also. Same with their Facebook. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would be willing to be support people on twitter for free. But no, I guess that’s too hard.

  • If you got a Dedicated IP they have been out of them for what seems like weeks. I ordered my server 8 days ago and they have been unable to provide me with a temporary non dedicated IP or a dedicated IP server. I look in the forums and I see the same problem 3 weeks ago. The only solution I see is that you make a ticket with billing and request a temporary non-dedicated IP. (This is unfortunate as Tickets take up to “72 hours” (3 days which is unacceptable when I am still waiting for my paid service).

  • @WilliamMars That’s what I am saying. It’s unacceptable for a hosting company in my opinion.

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