Can't change forum icon.

  • After changing my forum icon once I can’t change it again, the first change blocks off part of my icon so I made a new one that’s more visible, however after uploading the new picture and saving changes the icon stays the same.
    After saving changes the window does pop up saying

    Profile has been updated successfully."
    But upon going anywhere else in the forum the image has reverted back to the old one. I have tried going back to the default image, which does work, and then deleting old uploaded image seems to work, but after uploading the new image, which also seems to work, I find that doing anything reverts the change back to the old image.

  • Try with your cellphone… Work on my! ;)

  • GGServers

    Has it updated for you yet?

  • It’s still the old icon with the little red heart cut off. I’ll try updating it again.
    Edit: No it’s still not right, I even tried logging out after deleting the old image and resetting back to default. After logging back it it was default, but when I changed it went back to the wrong one.

  • My avatar is correct now, whatever was done, worked, thx team.

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