[Solved] - SkinRestorer error! :( help

  • Error: Can’t connect to Mojang server for skin.

  • Mod

    I don’t think this is a problem with your server. This may be an error you would need to talk to Mojang about.

  • Thank you for responding MCXBPE! <3

    I changed the plugin version and the error changed: /

    Skin fetch failed: an error has occurred: java.lang.classcastexception: skinsrestorer.libs.org.json.simple.jsonobject can not be cast to skinsrestorer.libs.org.json.simple.jsonarray

  • Mod

    Let me ask an admin about this, I’ve never seen this error.

  • Ok ;) thanks

  • Mod

    This looks like a plugin error. If SkinRestorer is a plugin, please contact the author of it.

  • I suggested that I change the plugin version again and the error has changed again hahah

    “Premium player with that name does not exist.”

    But my minecraft is Premium… :/

  • Mod

    @Ricardo-Borsato This still doesn’t appear to be a problem on our end side. Did the author recommend this, or are you just guessing?


    No … my friend who suggested that I change the version …: /

    I would never blame ggservers for this :) It’s just a bug in the plugin. ;) Assurance. thanks for everything!

  • Im solved the error and my server back to normal! thanks! =D

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