Co-Owner opened a ticket, hasn't been opened 5 hours later.

  • I understand that GGServers has been swamped with tickets, however being new customers and taking a chance on a new website, my co-owner and I are very frustrated and annoyed. My co-owner has owned a server before and used a different website that was very reliable, but more expensive then this. I decided to read up on this site, and it looked as reliable as the other one. When a ticket was opened on the other site, it was answered and solved within 2 hours of posting. I am very sad that one of the first servers I have owned on a new website, that I was very confident about, has been met with time consuming problems that GGServers could help with. I’m sadly going to request a refund tomorrow, whether or not the ticket gets answered.
    Please email [email protected] for further questions.

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    @CokeLoverPlaysMC Thank you for trying to understand our ticket situation, but my guess is that the other host has a lot more staff that deals with tickets. Also, I cannot guarantee when your ticket will be responded by, but I can assure you it’s not being ignored. Although, if it’s about a server panel being down, then we already know about the issue and we are fixing it. Thank you for being patient and we will try to respond to your ticket ASAP.

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    (not speaking in the name of the company) Generally most big companies have a week of waiting for reply times, not really sure how five hours is such a big deal.

    My ideal is to get all tickets replied to under an hour or two, but we have a bit of work to get there.

    Until then, you will unfortunately have to wait for up to 12 hours for a reply. However, once your ticket’s been replied to everything should happen way faster since that means there’s an active technician solving issues.

  • Of all the hosting I bought in several sites, for me the Ggservers was the best, they may take a while to respond but nothing that hurts my Minecraft server … they help a lot and I feel that the team has a "Caring Special "with the users … but I ask one thing … most of the people who buy a server in Ggservers and find the service bad, these people go out there talking badly about the host just because of their bad experience. They keep talking bad about the host … do not do that too, please …
    I have never had a bad experience with ggservers, I always speak good of her to my friends and followers of youtube, but if there is any problem I will not go out mocking the host … but what a pity that it goes away … ;(

    I wish you the best of luck on your next host! ;) <3 s2

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