"Share Your Server" Guidelines

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    Hey all!

    I love all the sharing you’re doing, I love to see all the creative things you’re doing on our service. I just want to lay down some ground rules for posting here.

    1. No “Cracked” servers. We do not encourage piracy at GGServers.
    2. Include your server IP in the post. People need to know how to connect!
    3. A short blurb about your server is appreciated so people know what they are getting in to.
    4. Posting servers that are not hosted on GGServers is discouraged.

    Here is a sample template you can use:

    **Server Name**
    IP: ****
    Server version: **1.11.0**
    Description: We are a fun loving community built around PvP, with custom arenas for 1v1s and hunger game plugins!

    Also; Each month we’ll be sorting through the servers and posting a “Best Of” topic, starting soon. The topic with the most unique comments and upvotes will be featured!

  • @gmemstr Is it a “Best GgServers server” contest?
    I already won; hahahaha

    Is the competition still worth it?

  • When the result comes out?

  • Mod

    @Ricardo-Borsato The results come out every month.

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