Is there a way to have mods and plugins at the same time?

  • Curent game version: 1.11.2

    Well, ive been palying this game and setting servers for my friends for a long time now, just before the old 1.0.0, back when sheeps didnt grew wool back.

    The thing is that we once had a server with bukkit in version 1.1 (using modloader) and we had mods and plugins at the same time. Right now im using forge, and is really easier to install cool mods and stuff, but I dont find how can I add any plugin. Im really missing plugins like world guard or world edit.

    My question is, is there a way of having both plugins and mods? Any compatiblity between bukkit and forge?

    Thank you for your time!

  • Mod

    Most of the time, yes - you can use both plugins and mods on a Minecraft server. Although I would suggest using Cauldron, not Bukkit or Spigot. You can look more into what Cauldron is, but basically it’s like Spigot, but compatible with mods.

  • Hi.

    You can only do so for 1.7.10 or earlier versions.

    We can also install it for you for $5 if you’re having any issues.

    Is it against the rules to sell stuff as long as it’s for our own website? Hope not.

  • Yeah I found a way, using Sponge. Thank you anyway!

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